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Full name:Ali Mansouri


Degree:Ph.D. student in Game theory

Academic Ranking:

E-mail: a-mansuri@iau–

Personal information and scientific


Lecture in seminar of software action and science making movement of 5th area of Islamic Azad University, Arak, Iran, 8 April 2004, with subject: place of ICT in software action.  

Lecture in 35th Iranian mathematical conference, January 26-29, 2005, Ahvaz, Iran with subject: the role of intuition in teaching mathematics.

Lecture in conference of memorial of late engineer Jafar Alaghemandan, in education of Aligoodarz, Aligoodarz, Iran, 2005/04/25, with subject: role of math in expansion of creative thinking.

Lecture in the first scientific seminar of science Department of Islamic Azad university of Arak, 2005/10/05, with the subject Fibonacci sequence.

Lecture in ICCAM2006 in Belgium with subject:  "Approximation solution of fuzzy linear system".


Lecture in 10th Iranian Mathematical education conference, 2008/11/15, Yazd University, Yazd, Iran, with subject: the effect of the behavior of math teachers on teaching mathematics.


Lecture in 4th local seminar of Khomein education, 10 March 2009, in Khomein, Iran, with subject: usages and disadvantages and using ICT in teaching mathematics.


Lecture in Mathematical decade, 21 November 2012, Islamic Azad university of Arak, with the subject: Mathematical logic and its application on Qurans deductions.


Lecture in First international conference on Economic, management, Accounting and Social science, June 21, 2014, Rasht, Iran with subject: Forecast tax income country using time series models.


Educational Background:

 Ph.D. student in Game theory. Islamic Azad University, Tehran Jonoob branch.

 MS in pure math. school  of  mathematics  Amir  Kabir ( poly technique ) university -  Tehran  - Iran

1987-1991:     BS in math – school of mathematics Shahid Bahonar University Kerman – Iran

Professional Training  

26th June 2003     a one - day   workshop on

                 How to   write CVs - letters    and recommendations


25th June 2003     a one - day   work shop Article,  Writing in English .


Employment /professional Experience

 2002- Dean of the science school.

2005-2012/11/05 Vice chancellor of students.

2012/11/18 till now Dean of the science school.

1997-2008 present Deputy of the IMS (Iranian mathematical society) In Islamic Azad University of Arak.

 A member of IMS.

 Teaching many courses of math in IAU.

  1. Lecturer of science dep.

The head of the math dep.

 Research interest and activities:

Reading English texts of math ,  mathematical logic, graph theory, Game theory,  teaching mathematics.



Mansouri Ali , Akbari Tootkaboni Mohamad , Filters on LMC-compactification, 18th seminar of mathematical analysis and its application, April , 2009 ,  Tarbiyat Moalem university , Tehran , Iran .

 Mansouri  Ali  , Hashemipour  Atena     the  role  of  ICT  in software  revolution   Arak  seminar  of revolution  of  software 2004 /4/11( article and  speech)

 Mansouri Ali, Karbalayi Hassan.The history of Khayyam Pascal Triangle.Journal of Islamic Azad University 2000 V6V7.

 Mansouri  Ali  Almasian  Ali  the combination  of  functions in geometrical  view journal  of Islamic   Azad  university 1999 v2  v3  v4

Mansouri Ali application of mathematical logic In  life  , Hamadan  3th local  seminar of math in Islamic  Azad  university  of Hamadan 2004 ( Article  and  speech .)


 1- Invention named “suddenly break alarm system”, registration number: 34716 date: 2006/07/02.

2- Invention named "fastener screwdriver ", registration number: 53760, date: 2008/10/15.

3- Invention named: “Stronger twofold hands and legs simultaneously tricycle” registration number: 74788 date:2012/04/24.


 English fluent in speaking writing reading and in listening.

Persian native language.

Turkish poor in speaking, reading   and writing



 21 month in war front .

Hobbies :

Climbing, playing chess, table tennis and swimming,

Iranian old poem.

Subject of thesis of ms:

Characterization of multiplicative semi norms on banach algebras.


Work address: Mathematics Department “Islamic Azad University Arak Branch “Arak Iran

Tel fax: 009886133670017

E-mail: a-mansuri@iau–   and

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