President of the University




Full name: Dr. Alireza Nezam Abadi

Degree: Ph.D. in Mechanical Engineering

Academic Ranking: Assistant Professor









Vice- president for Education



Full name: Dr. Zabih Piranee

Degree: Ph.D. in Educational Psychology

Academic Ranking: Assistant Professor



Vice-president for Research and Technology



Full name: Dr. Majid Zanjirdar

Degree: Ph.D. in Financial Management

Academic Ranking: Associate Professor



Vice-president for Students and Cultutal Affairs



Full name: Dr. Shahrokh Hekmat

Degree: Ph.D. in Persian Language and Literature

Academic Ranking: Assistant Professor


Vice President for Planning and Knowlege Based Economic Affairs


Full name: Dr. Seyyed Majid Alavi

Degree: Ph.D. in Applied Mathematics

Academic Ranking: Assistant Professor


Vice-president for Administrative and Financial Affairs

Full name: Mr. Hadi Yazdi

Degree: Ph.D. student of  accountant

Academic Ranking: Instructor



Vice-president for Civil Affairs


Full name: Mr. Iman Mirzadeh

Degree: MSc in Civil Engineering

Academic Ranking: Lecturer







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